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The market intelligence platform for wind and solar

Clir Portfolio empowers owners to maximize financial returns by leveraging 200 GW of wind and solar data, advanced AI, and decades of technical expertise.

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Turn insights into action

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200 GW of industry data

With region, vintage and technology benchmarking data available, owners gain unparalleled insight into production, health, insurance and financing.

Leverage intelligence

Advanced machine learning algorithms

Trained with diverse datasets across projects, OEMs and service providers, our algorithms enable quick detection of industry, project and site-specific issues.

Increase production

Decades of technical expertise

Leveraging renewable energy experts to design, build and support our software, Clir provides quality assurance to help realize significant operational gains.

Minimize costs

Maximize financial returns through renewable energy analytics and data

Clir has worked on hundreds of projects. We’ve seen operational excellence in action, but we’ve also identified room for improvement in the majority of projects. With forensic analysis of data, owners can leverage Clir to improve the economics of wind and solar projects.

  • Diminish reliance on consultants.
  • Efficient identification of service issues.
  • Minimize risk and insurance costs.
  • Leverage powerful tools and reporting.
  • Increase certainty on projects.
  • Reduce financial costs.
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Leverage renewable energy intelligence

Clir compares your portfolio against similar region, vintage and technology performance benchmarks from our 200+ GW wind and solar dataset. This enables a deep understanding of how your asset performs against industry standards.

Increase production

Upon identifying underperformance, we leverage analytics and AI to pinpoint areas of loss and specific optimization opportunities. We also use our benchmarking data and expertise to quickly detect industry-wide issues that may be impacting your portfolio.

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Minimize operational costs

Through deep analysis of SCADA and event data, our advanced data model, and our years of industry expertise, we're able to efficiently identify risks and issues that might otherwise have gone undetected, enabling asset optimization.

Best-in-class data model

How it works

Step 01


Ingest and standardize

Transforms disparate OEM and turbine data into a clearly defined standard.

Step 02


Enrich and enhance

Labelled events data and layered data sources improve data quality.

Step 03


Analyze and monitor

Flexible visualizations and accessible analytics to monitor KPIs.

Recently added to Clir Portfolio


New app experience

Improved data visualization, customizable dashboards and a streamlined user experience will make finding insights about your portfolio easier than ever.



GE downtime labelling

Improve your understanding and reporting of downtime and losses. We’ve developed new turbine downtime event algorithms to enable accurate and consistent identification and labelling of GE events.


Portfolio level reporting

Gain high-level insights into the performance of your portfolio through intuitive visualizations. Further enables farm-level reporting via the geobubble and actions widgets.

Getting started with Clir Portfolio

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Leverage data, AI and technical expertise to maximize financial returns.

  • Leverage market intelligence.
  • Increase production.
  • Minimize operational costs.