Data to deliver better operational outcomes

Clir empowers owners to maximize financial returns by enriching project data with peers from the industry’s largest operational project database. Gain unparalleled insight into portfolio performance to identify opportunities for technical and financial optimization.

Insights into operations

Clir’s insights into operations harness the world’s largest performance and risk dataset to benchmark assets against the industry. By enriching asset data with industry peers, Clir offers stakeholders transparency into portfolio performance and support to optimize projects. Gain insight into performance, health and data to drive operational excellence.

Clir has developed industry performance benchmarks that enable context on how assets are performing against peers.

Clir identifies opportunities for improving operations, the associated potential gains, and the steps to implement and verify these gains.

Using intelligence from 200 GW of data, Clir provides insight into how budget, availability and losses compare to peers across the industry.

Loss and gain relative to loss budget waterfall chart and a line graph about turbine technology discrepancy

Comprehensive portfolio oversight

Gain transparency into factors that impact portfolio performance through enriched farm data and context from industry peers.

  • Service provider selection and renewal
  • Benchmarking service providers
  • Asset manager oversight
  • End of warranty strategy
  • Bonus claims
  • Production oversight and analytics
  • Asset and portfolio reporting
  • Contractual and true availability
  • Actions to increase production

Revenue optimization

Site and industry data, technology, and expertise provide tangible insight to improve project performance and revenue.

  • Operational energy yield assessments and loss factors
  • Insight for O&M strategy
  • Asset life insights
  • Data strategy
  • Hourly volume modelling for hedging TSA/MSA terms
Chart about the cumulative production and budget year to date comparsion
Chart about lost energy deviation by loss category for asset and industry sample

Expenditure optimization

A deep analysis of data and independent view through software provides added quality assurance, helping to realize significant operational gains.

  • Natural catastrophe and technology risk mitigation
  • Resource prioritization
  • Financing and debt sizing optimization
  • Insurance

Leverage Clir for operational insights.