Comprehensive portfolio oversight

Get complete performance and risk oversight of your operational wind and solar portfolio. Leveraging advanced data processing techniques and over 200 GW of industry operations data, investors gain deeper insight into portfolio and third-party provider performance in the context of industry peers.

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Tracking of portfolio and asset level key performance indicators

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Intelligence on relative performance and risk

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Actionable insight on opportunities for asset and portfolio optimization

Holistic performance and risk reporting

Gain immediate clarity into portfolio performance against budget and industry peers with asset and portfolio grading, and tailored KPI dashboards. Regular reports deliver comprehensive insights, giving an accurate view of portfolio and asset performance, supporting board reporting and challenging third-party service providers to achieve revenue and cost optimization.

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Targeted asset optimization

With higher quality insights from Clir’s data model and industry dataset, issues can be uncovered that would typically go unnoticed. Leveraging these insights, owners can implement optimization strategies to maximize financial returns. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in technology, service provider and portfolio performance increases transparency throughout the project lifecycle to drive continuous improvements.

Evidence to support contractual negotiations

Accurate event reconciliation is vital to service provider oversight and management. Automated labeling of SCADA events using machine learning is supplemented by tools for site teams to log variances. The quality dataset that results can be used to challenge service providers and support contractual availability claims.

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Insight at your fingertips

When you need an updated KPI, you shouldn’t have to wait. Quality data and insight into availability and losses is available through the Clir app whenever you need it. Clir can also be connected to your data lake or business intelligence software to give you direct reporting access on the latest asset and portfolio indicators.

Greater certainty in future production

With access to quality data for robust and efficient operational energy yield assessments, Clir enables stakeholders to understand the future production of projects. Comparing energy yield loss factor breakdowns to peers, stakeholders gain insights into the financial impact of optimizations, upgrades and uplifts. This comprehensive view enables an understanding of future performance and asset valuation.

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Gain comprehensive portfolio oversight.