Uncomplicated access to your data with the Data Export tool

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Taylor LaRiviere

Our new Data Export tool allows users quick access and improved transparency into turbine and farm data. This empowers users to perform ad-hoc investigations, analyses and reports.


The Data Export tool gives clients the ability to view and download relevant asset data, with insight into turbine, farm or portfolio-level information. Users can filter by farm, date range, data stream, devices, list of fields, and more. Gain direct access to your clean, enhanced data sets to enable accurate investigation, analytics and reporting.

Improved transparency

With a powerful data pipeline automatically ingesting and standardizing millions of data points, the Clir platform has access to high-quality data. Our effectively labelled performance enables accurate reporting and analytics for industry-leading optimization outcomes. This can benefit clients and technical analysts through increased visibility into areas of loss, underperformance and risk. For reporting and investigation, data quality and integrity can lead to a better understanding of farm performance.

By using the Data Export tool, clients independently benefit from the enhanced data available on the Clir app for their own investigations. Technical analysts and asset managers can gain deeper portfolio insights by using the Data Export tool to download selected data from the app onto a local file.

Easy access to insights

Accessing the data from the Clir app is easy. Simply select a date range, a data stream and a group of turbines, then define the data fields for export. For small datasets, the download will be triggered automatically. Otherwise, you will receive an email when the file is ready to download. Reporting analytics and higher quality data have never been more accessible.

Available data

The Data Export tool enables downloads of the following farm and meteorological data:

  • ENTR mapped turbine time-series data: cleansed turbine data in a standardized format.
  • Enriched turbine time-series data: key performance indicators of your turbines along with Clir calculated fields.
  • Turbine event data: your turbine’s SCADA events enriched with Clir synthetic events.
  • Farm meter data: production figures aggregated at different locations.
  • Met mast data: download time-series data from your farm’s meteorological masts.
  • MERRA-2 data: meteorological reanalysis data from NASA.
  • ERA5 data: meteorological reanalysis data from ECMWF.
  • Budgets: coming soon, you’ll be able to export farm budgets.


Recent updates

We’re continually developing and enhancing this feature. Recent enhancements include:

  • Preview functionality: view a subset of the selected data prior to export.
  • Filters: save filters for faster repeat exports.
  • Roll-ups: aggregate data based on different time frames or devices.

To learn more about the Data Export tool and the Clir app, contact us.

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