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Drive project value in M&A transactions with Clir’s data evidenced insight into project opportunity and risk. By using industry data, analysis of monthly reports, and SCADA data, Clir provides evidence to improve sell side technical assumptions.

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Precise energy yield assessments

By using high-quality industry and site data, Clir can provide a more precise operational energy yield assessment to improve bids.

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Certainty in performance

A roadmap for future optimizations, as well as data to support the validation of performance upgrades, provide certainty in project performance.

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Comprehensive vendor insights

A rapid, data-led due diligence report enables greater confidence in health, performance and value for potential buyers.

Evidence to improve energy yield assumptions

Using high-quality farm and industry data, Clir can improve certainty on normal operations and long-term energy production of assets under consideration. This data-led approach increases confidence in the p-values and energy yield assessments. By providing an independent view of future energy production with lower uncertainty, Clir supports a higher project valuation.

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Validation of performance upgrades

Performance upgrades improve the health and production of an asset. Clir provides farm and industry data to enable an independent analysis of the impact of upgrades and increase the valuation  of the assets.

Increase production through optimizations

Certainty in future portfolio performance can enable higher bids for asset sales. Clir identifies optimization priorities and risk mitigations based on peer farms and industry, and supports implementation. With insights to demonstrate farm potential, buyers can bid with greater confidence.

Table of performance, health, data, and available optimization
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Benchmarked performance insights

Ensure that projects are performing up to industry standard. Clir benchmarks asset, turbine and service provider performance against region, vintage and technology. Along with a review of available contractual mechanisms to understand liability, this enables greater transparency into project quality.

Speed of data review

Advanced data processing enables faster analytics from asset data. Clir analyzes a year or more of portfolio and site data in days, where it would typically take months. This enables deeper, data-led insights within the expedited M&A timeline.

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Comprehensive vendor insights

Deeper insights into performance and risk facilitate reduced debt and insurance costs, leading to a higher project valuation. Using comprehensive data, Clir can clearly communicate the health, performance and value of assets to potential buyers to facilitate bid competition.

Improve technical assumptions

The Clir platform provides on-demand access to enriched and benchmarked project data. By leveraging high-quality portfolio data, alongside industry benchmarks for energy yield losses, this provides concrete evidence to improve technical assumptions. Using an evidence-based approach decreases uncertainty on the project, leading to an increase in the net present value.

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Case study

Optimization roadmap and gain validation improve portfolios net present value. An infrastructure investor was using Clir’s data to develop and implement an optimization roadmap to improve asset performance.

To prepare the portfolio for the sales process, the client analyzed and quantified the gains that had been identified through Clir’s performance and risk data — and found that over 13 GWh of gains had been implemented, with a further 17.6 GWh potential identified.

Presenting Clir’s data as evidence enabled the technical assumptions to be adjusted with:

  • Identification of 0.41% increase in annual energy protection.
  • 0.2% increase to the net present value.
  • The potential to further increase the net present value by 0.3% by implementing the identified optimizations.

Seller’s journey with Clir



Onboard historical data

Clir ingests and efficiently analyzes years of SCADA data and monthly reports to ensure high-quality data is used in the selling process.



Analysis and validations

Using clean and standardized asset data, Clir can analyze the risk and health of the asset, including validating the performance of upgrades.



Coordinate with advisors

Technical analysts or independent engineers review and corroborate on Clir’s findings. Data is then used to update and validate the operational energy yield.



Aid in buyer journey

Clir’s analysis, data and energy yield is presented to buyers in a comprehensive vendor insights package. Clir can also work with advisors to clarify information for potential buyers.

Maximize project valuations.

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