Portfolio performance management

Going beyond the day-to-day operations focus of typical wind and solar Asset Performance Management (APM) platforms, Clir’s software provides insight on the wide range of factors impacting portfolio financial performance.

From event reconciliation and identification of potential AEP gains to portfolio-level KPIs and board reporting, Clir’s platform provides a comprehensive portfolio performance and risk management suite.

Actionable insights into risks and performance, portfolio and asset-level insights, and operations and board reporting help to realize significant improvements across the project lifecycle.

We were searching for an alternative AI platform to increase our portfolio’s energy production. Clir Renewables turned out to be a great option for our needs as it combines the historical operational datasets we provided with powerful AI technology and technical expertise to increase our AEP and to minimize operational costs.
CEZ Group

Carefully selected actions

Gain early and comprehensive insights into the technical and financial opportunities for your assets. Clir delivers farm- and portfolio-specific insights and recommendations rather than simply displaying raw data. Our actions cover data quality, performance optimizations, risk mitigations and inputs to optimize the financial model. The core areas of focus are production, operations, insurance and debt.

Clir app image of the action screen
Clir app image of the KPI screen

Portfolio and asset level KPIs

Quickly gain transparency into portfolio performance with industry standard and custom KPIs. Review KPI trends and report on asset performance against budget, or against portfolio and industry peers.

Automated detection
and categorization of underperformance

Machine learning detectors automatically identify and categorize sources of underperformance, data gaps and performance anomalies. This proactively calls attention to opportunities for optimization that may otherwise be left uncovered.

Clir app image of the power curve screen
Clir app image of the dashboard screen

Tailored dashboards

Clir’s software is designed to be valuable for the wide range of stakeholders involved in the operations and management of wind and solar assets. Insights from technical data can be delivered in many ways — whether you prefer to focus on financial indicators or technology performance, there’s a dashboard for you.

Graph of the loss/gain relative to loss budgets

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Leverage data, AI and technical expertise to maximize financial returns.

  • Leverage market intelligence.
  • Increase production.
  • Minimize operational costs.