Clir Renewables to enhance Grupo México's wind portfolio performance

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Clir set to optimize asset performance and maximize project returns using portfolio and industry data.

Clir Renewables, the market intelligence platform for wind and solar, has announced a partnership with Mexico-based infrastructure investor Grupo México to optimize operations at two of its wind farms.

Over the two-year deal, Grupo Mexico will use Clir’s platform to unlock a transparent view of project performance, and deliver efficient and accurate optimization and risk mitigation insights across two sites: the 74 MW El Retiro Parque Eólico, and 175 MW Fenicias wind farms, both located in Mexico.

The insights will be drawn from over 200 GW of industry data, supported by advanced AI and machine learning, gathered from diverse datasets and projects, and underpinned by decades of sector experience.

Clir allows operators to gain control of their assets by increasing transparency into portfolio performance, thereby identifying and assessing opportunities for technical and financial optimization. This is done by benchmarking portfolio performance and health against market intelligence data from comparable farms. These vital insights give operators and investors a clear view on current asset health and future turbine behaviour, enabling Grupo México to lower risks while achieving enhanced production and financial returns.

Accounting for one-fifth of all energy use in Latin America, Mexico has a large and diverse renewable energy resource base. As the fourth largest company in Mexico, with a market capitalization of $27.31bn, Grupo México’s scaling operations in the wind sector will play an important role in meeting the nation’s growing demand for clean energy.

“Mexico has immense wind energy potential, but to solve key issues and facilitate a sustainable expansion, project operators need to understand their assets within the wider context of the market.” said Gareth Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Clir Renewables. “We are delighted to be working with Grupo México, a company looking to intelligently diversify their operations in line with the expansion of renewable energy. Our platform adds a crucial dimension of actionable market intelligence to their growing portfolio.”

Antonio Santiago, Asset Manager, Grupo México added: “Having access to accurate insights for performance and risk mitigation has been an invaluable addition to our operations. By integrating Clir into the El Retiro Parque Eólico and Fenicias wind farms, we can identify root causes of underperformance and make significant improvements using actionable insights. As we expand our renewables operations, data and transparency gives us a considerable competitive advantage in the market.”

About Grupo México:

Grupo México is the fourth largest company in Mexico in terms of market capitalization and the third in terms of marketability. It is also the second company in tax payments in Mexico. In addition, it is number one in profit sharing in Mexico and Peru.

To date, Grupo México has 31,000 direct employees and more than 110 thousand highly skilled and well-paid indirect employees. Grupo México is the fifth largest copper producer in the world, with the lowest cash-cost in the industry worldwide and the largest copper reserves in the world.

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