Clir contracts multi-gigawatt offshore wind portfolio

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A top-tier infrastructure fund owner will leverage Clir’s software and industry intelligence to maximize returns on their offshore wind portfolio.

Clir Renewables, the renewable energy intelligence platform, has today announced the addition of nearly 2 GW of offshore wind with the signing of a new offshore wind portfolio.

The portfolio’s owner, a top-tier infrastructure fund manager, selected Clir’s technology to provide data-driven intelligence to support revenue, expenditure and risk optimization. 

With over 200 GW of operations and risk data, AI-powered automated detection of optimization opportunities and expert oversight, Clir’s software will be used by senior management for portfolio transparency, quantification of opportunities to improve portfolio returns and investor reporting. 

In addition to the use of market intelligence alongside farm data to benchmark and identify optimization opportunities, the portfolio’s owner will be taking advantage of Clir’s new resource modelling platform. The machine learning model uses historical weather data, farm SCADA and industry loss data to provide increased accuracy on simulations of future hourly energy production. This can be used by the owner to review and enhance power offtake and hedge agreements. 

Clir’s unique industry dataset and insights will also be used to support the portfolio owner on energy yield assumptions and financial model scenario analysis, enabling them to continue to optimize portfolio debt and overall performance. 

“Our software and expertise have supported this owner in driving millions of dollars in additional value on their other projects and we’re excited to do the same on this portfolio," said Gareth Brown, CEO and co-founder, Clir. Winning this contract is a testament to the power of market intelligence and our approach to developing best-in-class software.”


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