Data lake integration

As the renewable energy industry matures, data lakes are becoming essential to the data strategies of forward-thinking investors. Clir’s data lake integration synchronizes both raw and Clir-enriched data with your internally- or cloud-hosted data lake infrastructure. 

Alternatively, Clir can deliver the data to a cloud storage system such as SFTP, Azure, AWS S3 or similar storage solutions. This ensures you retain a complete record of asset data along with Clir’s key performance indicators and actionable insights within your own systems.

An diagram of Clir's data lake integration from client input and raw SCADA data to the Client's data lake

Data stored and synchronized to the data lake include

  • Farm metadata, including production budgets, Clir Actions and, where available, contractual, time and energy availability, and lost energy allocations.
  • Plant metadata, including power curve/performance ratio data.
  • Standardized and enriched time series SCADA data in 10-minute format.
  • Standardized and enriched event/error code data, including Clir’s ML-generated synthetic event codes.
  • Standardized sales/owner meter data.


Clir’s data lake integration provides

  • A defined schema design for your asset and operational data.
  • Synchronization to the data lake of all relevant data points ingested from your assets into Clir’s system.
  • Daily transfer of new data to the data lake.
  • When values are adjusted in the Clir platform, the corresponding data is automatically added to the data lake.
  • An auditable historical record of changes to any data stored in the data lake.
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Case study

Renewable energy portfolio on Snowflake data lake

A leading global investor with over $5 billion in assets under management was looking for greater technical oversight of the renewable energy assets in their portfolio. They chose Snowflake Data Cloud’s data lake to store their assets' structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Clir’s software platform was connected to each of the investors' asset SCADA, event and revenue data streams.

The connection between Clir’s software and the investors' Snowflake instance enabled the transfer and storage of:

  • Raw and unstructured SCADA and event data;
  • Clir's cleansed, structured, enriched and labeled SCADA and event data; and
  • Actionable insights and recommendations generated by Clir’s analytics.

How can Clir tailor this integration to suit my workflows?

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