Introducing Clir to the solar industry

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Gareth Brown

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Following strong growth for Clir’s industry-leading platform in the onshore and offshore wind sectors, and based on client feedback on the current solar farm software offerings in the market, Clir Renewables has taken the decision to develop a solar solution utilizing the same core architecture and fundamentals as our existing wind platform.

The solar offering will drive value across the same areas as wind and help clients to not only better understand their assets but also increase production and profitability of projects. The four key focus areas of Clir’s solar platform are monitoring asset health, increasing annual energy production, managing technical financial risk, and enhancing domain expertise.

It is vital for owners to continually assess the health of their assets. Through learning the normal behaviour of the asset Clir enables owners to identify outliers to better predict if components are at risk of failure. With the increased accuracy of component useful life and predictive failure modeling, owners can better inform maintenance schedules. Longer term health risks from items such as panel degradation are also assessed to understand the trending of underlying asset health issues to model future performance.

Identifying performance issues and optimizing production is at the core of our product. Our tools enable users to identify and quantify lost energy around performance issues at the site from panels all the way through trackers, strings, inverters, and transformers and provide support through our knowledgebase to make sure users have the information to act on the generated Actions and improve performance.

Although there is a large focus around getting more kWhs out of assets, Clir helps increase the profitability of a project without increasing production of the assets. This is done through better linkage between finance and operations. Through our proprietary data model, Clir puts more context on the data and provides insight into performance and losses. With an improved data set comes reduced uncertainty on future operational performance which means less risk and higher margins. Clir supports clients to reforecast energy yields to negotiate better financing. The Clir platform can also be utilized before an asset is acquired to provide insight into the true value of a project during the M&A process. The Clir team can support clients in their contractual discussions providing data-driven accuracy for bonus and contractual claims and enable upgrades to be assessed before they are installed and validated once in operation.

The massive amounts of data and analysis required in renewable energy can be overwhelming. Clir’s team is made up of engineers and analysts who have worked through the entire value chain of renewables and they understand this all too well. This is why our Customer Success Team is here to make sure you get the most out of Clir and your solar PV assets.

We welcome the opportunity to work with our existing clients and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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