The largest intelligence dataset for wind and solar

Clir has obtained permission to use the data from more than 200 GW of operating assets for benchmarks and technical insight. Supported by advanced AI and decades of technical expertise, this enables benchmarking and insights to maximize financial returns and minimize risks.

Diagram of raw data coming into the Clir app, cleaned and outputted into clear actionable insights

High-quality industry data

In an industry reliant on expertise and generalized assumptions, access to quality datasets has transformative potential. Clir has collaborated with owners and industry partners to curate the largest cleansed, labelled and well-structured dataset of large-scale wind and solar assets, enhancing the reliability of our insights.

SCADA, Condition monitoring (CMS), Operator reports and contracts, Insurance claims and risk data, Industry studies, Weather data, User-entered events, Supplementary source data

Clir’s industry dataset

The size of Clir’s global dataset gives owners the most in-depth overview of renewable energy asset performance. To provide a holistic view, Clir cleanses and standardizes data from a variety of sources, including over 150 OEMs across wind and solar technologies.

Insights across the project lifecycle

Clir uses intelligence drawn from our data to provide insight into project opportunities. Learnings from site and peer data enable asset optimization across the project lifecycle, from development to end-of-life decisions.

Revenue potential, Operational expenditure, Capital expenditure, Sensitivity scenarios, Financial planning, Debt optimization
OEM availability and relative performance, Site condition and technology combinations to deliver the best results, Identifying the most critical farm components at risk of failure, Assessing the performance of new technologies, Evaluating areas of energy yield loss factors and contractual considerations leading to project inefficiencies, Identifying optimization opportunities to enhance overall performance

Actionable market intelligence

Developers, investors, financiers, operators and insurers can harness the power of our data for insights into performance, risk and technical optimization opportunities.

Improve portfolio performance with 200+ GW of data.