Transparency into risks and insurance submissions

Clir Risk Survey leverages over 200 GW of industry claims and operational data to quantify the frequency and severity of claims.


Identify relevant risks

Recognize what farm risks will have the greatest impact on your insurance submission and claim rates.


Better manage risks

Gain insight into how to measure and manage identified top risks for your wind and solar farms. 


Insight into insurance process

Understand how insurers see the frequency and severity of your farm's risks for transparency into insurance submissions. 

200 GW

of industry claims and operational data.

What is included in Clir Risk Survey?

Clir Risk Survey employs models built on the largest insurance claim and operational dataset in the industry to identify the greatest risks to a site. It includes two sections: the site-adjusted risk assessment, and risk best practices and mitigation measures. Where appropriate, the customer is encouraged to implement the risk mitigation measures advised in the report and ensure the relevant risk management practices are communicated in their insurance submission.

Site-adjusted risk assessment

  • A predictive profile of the site with 17 risk subcategories compared to industry average. The industry average risk uses the mean incurred loss in GCube’s claims database.
  • Identification of the top five risks at the site.
  • A summary of the risk indicators based on Clir’s technical expertise, project knowledge base and operational data. 
sm-wind-grey@2x Graph_Risk_Survey_Report-1

Available claims categories

Using the world's largest operational dataset, Clir analyzes the top risks that lead to failures and claims. The Clir Risk assessment will analyze and report on how high of a risk the following are for your project:



  • Blade
  • Foundation
  • Drivetrain
  • Pitch system
  • Nacelle and total turbine failure
  • Transformer (MV)
  • Other turbine

Natural catastrophe

  • Lightning
  • Storm
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Other Nat Cat

Balance of plant

  • Cable
  • Electrical failure
  • Substation
  • Transformer
  • Other BoP

Learn how Clir Risk Survey enables clarity into risks.