Clir Risk drives improved insurance and financing terms

Leverage project insights and industry data for an accurate assessment of asset health and framework for mitigation.

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An intelligent assessment for risk reduction.

Precise view on asset health

Combining insights from a global dataset with a deep analysis of project-specific risks enables a more precise view on the health of assets.

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Data-led best practices

Owners get earlier and deeper insight into risks impacting their wind and solar assets. The assessment also creates a best practice framework for long-term risk management.

Improved insurance, financing and M&A

By providing data-driven evidence of current risk, and measures to be taken for risk reduction, the assessment can improve the economics of projects.

Case study

Leveraging Clir Risk for GCube Smart Insurance led to:

  • A 26 per cent reduction in gross premium.
  • Introduction of project-specific deductibles for flexible costs.
  • Data-driven recommendations to mitigate risk for improved renewable energy insurance rates in the future.

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Clir Risk assessment framework

Clir Risk assesses and collaborates with owners to improve assets based on the results from four key asset health categories.

Asset health

Analyzes and compares operational indicators — such as meteorological and operational loading, component health, and extreme weather risk — for a clear view of risk.

  • Meteorological loading
  • Operational loading
  • Existing health issues
  • Natural catastrophe risk
Asset reliability

Reliability of equipment, and effectiveness of O&M practices, are evaluated based on failure rate and repair time using site-specific SCADA data and Clir’s benchmarking data.

  • Mean failure rate
  • Mean repair time 
  • Major failure frequency and claim history
  • Known wind turbine issues
Operational practices

To encourage best operational practices, Clir assesses areas that impact asset failure, and provides clients with a roadmap to improve operations and mitigate risk.

  • Drivetrain inspection and monitoring
  • Blade inspection and monitoring
  • Major component replacement
  • Storm preparedness
Contractual risk

With applied research and domain expertise, Clir can assess how different contractual approaches influence risk and downtime.

  • Warranty 
  • Service agreement
  • Major maintenance budget

Best practices for top claim risks

Leveraging Clir’s technical expertise and operational data, the report highlights the five risks most likely to drive claims at the farm and provides further details, including:

  • Risk description
  • Common causes
  • Fault identification
  • Risk mitigation
  • Prediction

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Gain highly accurate insights into asset health risk.

  • Precise view on asset health.
  • Data-led best practices.
  • Improved insurance, financing and M&A.